ACUPUNCTURE FOR MEN'S HEALTH 503 705 5771 Nationwide
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A Nationwide Network of Experienced Acupuncturists
Who Specialize in Men's Health

Ph: 503 705 5771 (NATIONWIDE)
 call, text or email for bookings
(Initial Treatments are discounted by calling or emailing us)

Acupuncture For Men's Health: offers men the opportunity to experience a natural form of healing those concerns that are specifically associated with men.  Be it enlarged prostate symptoms, sexual health, stress, weight loss, anxiety, digestion, or simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle, acupuncture can bring symptom relief along with new and interesting ways of understanding the body and facilitating a general sense of well-being and lifestyle. Some symptoms can be confusing for men, so we aim to help you feel comfortable while providing an informative treatment strategy for you when dealing with sensitive personal matters.

Prostate Health: This is something that men are hesitant to learn about until symptoms start to appear.  If you are experiencing symptoms of frequent urination, hesitancy, dribbling, pain with urination or getting up to urinate during the night, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine provides a systematic approach to the overall body constitution and the underlying causes of your symptoms. We treat symptoms associated with prostatitis and enlarged prostate (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

Sexual Health: Maintaining healthy sexual function creates a wonderful fulfilling life. Many men have concerns of erectile function, premature ejaculation, high or low libdo and even pain with intercourse. Chinese medicine is a way to encourage the body to maintain blood flow and muscle tone that will help maintain a wonderful sex life. To answer the most common question asked.... We do not insert needles into the genitals! What a relief right!. Chinese medicine works on a full body approach, so what happens on the mainland happens on the peninsula! Lets work together in a holistic way to balance the blood flow and energy to all vital organs which in turn will provide the results you are looking for.

Insomnia Anxiety:  Ahhh the never ending challenge of decreasing that pesky stress  in our lives! With practitioners offering affordable 30 minutes de-stress treatments you can enjoy regular stress relieving experiences that are designed to help you function with more energy and decreasing the overwhelm and pressure we put on ourselves and others. Acupuncture helps to stimulate the para-sympathic nervous system allowing more blood to flow into our cardiovascular system and digestive areas. This is turn creates a sense of ease in our day and help with our relationships.

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