Nicole Sharkey L.Ac


Nicole received her master’s degree from the Seattle Institute  of  Oriental Medicine(SIOM).  She is trained in Traditional  Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, Chinese herbal  medicine, Chinese nutritional therapy, Auricular (ear)  acupuncture, Tui Na (Chinese medical massage),  Qi Gong  (movement therapy), Chinese medical language and detox  acupuncture for the treatment of addictions.  Prior to becoming  an acupuncturist, Nicole received her BA in Sociology and  Peace and Conflict Studies from Brandeis University.

She spent several years working in the non-profit healthcare field,  and has worked with children and adults with physical and learning disabilities as a personal care assistant and teacher.

Her Acupuncture Practice now has a Clinical Focus in Men’s  Health, Erectile Concerns, Premature  Ejaculation, Delayed  Ejaculation, High  & Low Libido, Prostate Disorders,  Frequent, Urgent, and Hesitant  Urination, Infertility, Cancer Support,  Stress,  Anxiety,  Insomnia,  Hemorrhoids, Functional Nutrition,  Detox Programs,  Emotional Concerns, Anti-Aging & Gastrointestinal disorders.